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About Us


Evans Metal's four product groups

(1) Division 5100, 5200 and 5300 Metals - Structural Steel:

We produce between 50 and 150 tons of Structural Steel monthly and broker Bar Joists and Metal Decking from a variety of suppliers around the country.  Our sales and engineering staff also offers value engineering to reduce your building costs.  We are also able to design, fabricate and install building materials throughout the midwest.   

(2) Division 5500 Metals - Stairs, Stair Towers, Railings and Ladders:

Fabricating stairs and handrails for over 67 years, we can say we have produced and installed countless miles of rails and stairways that would reach the heavens.  We also fabricate ladders and supply grating.  We have three systems of aluminum rail that we manufacture and we regularly fabricate stainless steel and bronze rails. 

(3) Finishing, Weldments an Fabrications

Specializing in welding, cutting, shearing, plasma cutting, bending and finishing, we offer customers expertise and proficiency to meet their fabricating needs.  Please ask for a quotation for your next project when it comes to weldments, stainless steel passivation, repetitive parts weighing less than 10,000lbs, pipe bending in multiple planes, and circumferential as well as longitudinal finishing of stainless steel and aluminum round shapes under 4 inches in diameter.  We can even finish parts after being formed!  We weld in Stainless Steel and provide passivation services.

(4) Ornamental Metals

Ornamental metals includes all the unique and decorative items that are often hard to find. We often work with architects, interior designers and owners to create that “special look and feel.” We work in wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel and bronze.  We also manufacture several items in “lawn art” and decorative gates and rails that go beyond the functional.

(5) Shop our Store

We have fabricated products and components for nearly 70 years and have a host of items that would help other fabricators.  Please visit our STORE for these items (Our store is still under construction.)