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Evans Metal - Stairs, Stair Towers, Railings and Ladders

Division 5500 Metals - Stairs, Stair Towers, Railings and Ladders:

Fabricating stairs and handrails for over 67 years, we can say we have produced and installed countless miles of rails and stairways that could reach the heavens.  We also fabricate ladders and supply grating.  We have three systems of aluminum rail that we manufacture and we regularly fabricate stainless steel and bronze rails. 

We detail most of our products in-house using the latest in 3D modeling BIM software.  Over the years we have supplied literally miles of stairways.  

We fabricate spiral stairs, stair towers, and conventional winder and scissors stairs.  We frequently ship stairs preassembled to ease installation costs.  

Past Projects

Please follow the link below to view a few of our recent PROJECTS.

Automobile Dealerships and Stores
Chains Stores
Governmental Work
Nursing Homes and Hospitals
Waste Water Treatment