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  • Bolts – grades and why control the bolts
  • How to select the correct punch and die for a press break
  • How to discover an Angle’s size
  • How to select the correct hole punch and die
  • How to discover a Channel’s size
  • How to discover a Beam’s size
  • Laying out an irregular base plate
  • Loading a truck
  • Moving material out of the shop when finished
  • Painting Habits
  • Painting – Daily Calibration
  • Plasma Table 1
  • Receiving Habits
  • Skidmore usage
  • Tapmaic R5 Drill Press Tapping
  • Trucks – daily check list
  • Turning on and off the Air Compressor
  • Using the small Kalamazoo Saw
  • Weekly reporting – who needs to do what?
  • Weld Tests do’s and don’t’s
  • Welding procedures and welding Habits
  • Welding Symbols


Last summer (2017) we fabricated many of the pedestrian rails and stairs at Notre Dame while they were remodeling their foot ball stadium.

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