These videos and links are to keep up with company standards. These are all components of things you will be learning and know about while working at Evans Metal.

  1. Bolts - How are Structural Bolts Made?
  2. How to select the correct hole punch and die
  3. How to discover angle size
  4. How to discover a beam's size
  5. How to discover a channel's size
  6. Difference between pipe and tube
  7. Difference between hot and cold rolled steel
  8. Difference between stainless steel and aluminum
  9. How to Read - Tape Measure, Micrometer, Dial Vernier Caliper


Things we will teach you to keep up to date with:

  1. Trucks - daily check list
  2. Painting - daily calibration
  3. Plasma Table - maintenance and checklist
  4. Weekly reporting - who needs to do what?

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