Basics 2

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  1. Bolts a) How are Structural Bolts Made? b) "Why control the bolts?"
  2. How to discover a) Angle size
  3. How to select the correct hole punch and die
  4. How to discover a Beam's size
  5. How to discover a Channel's size
  6. Difference between Hot and Cold Rolled steel
  7. Laying out an irregular base plate a)
  8. Measuring - a) Tape Measure b) Micrometer c) Dial Vernier Caliper
  9. Weekly reporting - who needs to do what? a)
  10. Welding a) Weld Gauges - simple b) Weld Gauges - comprehensive
  11. Welding Coupons - EMP Welding Test instructions
  12. Cranes - a) Slings, b) Safety 2, c) Safety 3,
  13. Forklift Safety
  14. Moving material out of the shop when finished
  15. Trucks - daily check list

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