We are glad you have joined us. There is a lot to learn!
This series is to help you grow in ability and effectiveness at Evans Metal.

We are an AISC Certified Fabricator and an AWS certified Fabricator. We are always striving to improve and maintain our certifications.

In short, we want to:

  • Deliver the highest quality material, on time to our customers.
  • We want to meet the needs and expectations of quality, safety and service.
  • We want to maintain a documented and effective Quality Management System (QMS).

By doing our paperwork, training, and documenting we can assure that all these goals are met. Our QMS tells us what to do. We do what it says.

The following are training materials you need to watch, read, and use.

  1. What is a Procedure and why we use them - Procedures
  2. Fabrication Terms to Know
  3. Can you identify the tools you are issued and responsible for?
  4. Are you interested in our Uniforms?
  5. Your evaluation will be in the first 90 days of working for Evans Metal - 90 day Evaluation
  6. Can you read a ruler?
  7. Can you read weld gages and squares? These tools and all other measuring devices will be checked every 3 months.
  8. Have you read the Employees Manual? It discusses vacation days, requests off, rules, penalties, etc.
  9. Do you know how to properly and safely move material?
  10. Non-Conformances need to be logged, and you will learn how to do that as well.