We are glad you have joined us. There is a lot to learn! This series is to help you grow in ability and effectiveness at Evans Metal.

A couple of items first. We are an AISC Certified Fabricator. We are also an AWS certified Fabricator. To maintain our certification we need to write a Quality Management System, and then do what our QMS us. In short, we want to:

  • Deliver the highest quality material, on time, to our customers needs and expectations of quality, safety and service.
  • We maintain a documented and effective Quality Management System.
  • Our Goal is be a world-class organization.

So there is a lot of paperwork. You must follow the paperwork and then leave a paper trail called a “log” letting us that what was done was done. No short cuts.

Our QMS tells us what to do. We do what it says.

The following are training materials you need to watch, read, and use.

  1. What is a Procedure and why we use them. (Jump to all our Procedures)
  2. Fabrication Terms to Know
  3. Tools you are issued and for which you are responsible. 18. Tool Box Check Out_2018-01-11
  4. Uniforms – How much and when.
  5. 90 Day Evaluation – Intro
  6. 90 Day Evaluation Form – 90 day Evaluation
  7. Reading a ruler and having an accurate ruler – It’s a big deal!
  8. Tools we use and why your ruler, weld gauges and square needs to be checked every 3 months. NO FAIL!
  9. Employees Manual
  10. Forms you will need to fill out, a) 13. MVR Request Form Blank_2018-03-23
  11. Vacation days.
  12. What happens when you waste time.
  13. Moving Material – Why it is important to minimize the number of lifts and moves.
  14. A Simple Mistake – How and where you log it.
  15. A Non-Conformance – What we need to log.
  16. What will have you released on the spot!    Fighting, Theft, Drug or Alcohol use at EMP
  17. When you get upset . . . count to 100 slowly or until your pulse is below 120.