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Evans Metal has fabricated products for the construction industry for over 70 years being established in 1945. Located in Elkhart, IN, we design and fabricate a variety of products and provide services for your construction needs.  We are two shops in one.  We design and fabricate a variety of miscellaneous metals products and we also fabricate and design and install structural structures.  To validate our excellence, please note we are an AISC & AWS Certified Fabricator.

Our miscellaneous shop fabricates ladders, rails, stairs as well as wrought iron and ornamental products ranging from the artistic to the restoration of iron work fabricated a century ago.  We are a proud member of NOMMA (National Ornamental Metal Manufacture’s Association).

Our skills allow us to fabricate using steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze products in a variety of finishes and patinas. Our clients come from all over the United States and we ship and install generally on the east side of the Mississippi.

We currently find ourselves also fabricating products for other companies who demand tight scheduling and excellent workmanship.  Can we help you with your fabricating needs?

Some examples of our work can be viewed through the links below.

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Division 5500 Metals

Fabricating stairs and handrails for over 70 years, we can say we have produced and installed countless miles of rails and stairways that reach the heavens.  We also fabricate ladders and a variety of other metal fabrications.  We are prepared to meet your fabricating needs and be creating products from not only wrought iron, but also stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. supply grating.

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Finishing and Fabrication

With welding, cutting, shearing, plasma cutting, bending and finishing tooling, we offer our customers our centuries of experience and proficiency to meet your fabricating needs.  Please ask for a quotation for your next project. When it comes to weldments, stainless steel fabrications, repetitive parts (weighing less than 10,000 lbs each), mandrel pipe bending, circumferential as well as longitudinal stainless finishing of round shapes under 4 inches in diameter, we geared to provide you with timely and well-made parts. Remember, we are an AWS Certified Fabricator.

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Division 5100, 5200, and 5300 Metals

Producing between 50 and 150 tons of Structural Steel monthly we specialize in the more complex projects and often find ourselves fabricating for other AISC fabricators such as ourselves.  From trusses to simple beams or from sloped moment frames to curved framing, our experience will save you time and money.  Our sales and engineering staff offer value engineering to reduce your building costs.  We design, fabricate and install our fabrications throughout the Midwest.

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Custom Fabrication

If you can imagine a custom fabrication, we can bring your dream into reality.  So dream big.  If you have been thinking about a unique or even a decorative item you've seen elsewhere, or you thought it will be difficult to replicate, let us help you. We often work with architects, interior designers and owners to create that “special look and feel.” We work in wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel and bronze.  We also manufacture several items as “lawn art” and create decorative yet functional gates, rails and other items that go beyond the functional.

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