Evans Metal Products provides metal stamping services supporting the delivery of rapid manufacturing of complex components for multiple industries and markets.

Metal stamping is a complex process that includes a variety of metal fabrication techniques. Metal stamping or "pressing" involves placing sheet metal into a stamping press to form the metal into a desired shape using CAD/CAM design and engineering technologies which ensures the tolling required so that each punch and bend maintains optimal part quality. The resulting tool design supports the use of machining, grinding, wire EDM and other manufacturing processes to complete for production.

In some cases, tool changes may be required either on a single press or on multiple presses. This process is known as progressive die stamping. This approach supports complex geometry solutions that enable lower costs, fast turnaround, and shorter runs.

In other cases, up to four (4) separate tools can be used to shape intricate cuts and complex bends. This approach involves horizontal alignment and four different slides better known as four-slide, or multi-slide metal stamping. This approach offers several advantages over traditional press stamping that provides a bit more versatility and flexibility for design changes needed for complex parts. In this configuration, up to four different tools are involved to achieve multiple bends simultaneously by each shaft that is equipped with the requisite tooling.

In addition to these options, it can sometimes be more advantageous to place a sheet metal blank into the die via a punch and then forming it into the desired shape. This type of "deep draw" forming is ideal for a cost-effective alternative to turning processes that require more raw materials.

Finally, one other option that requires minimal upfront tooling expenses is known as short run metal stamping, Ideal solution for prototypes or small projects, a combination of custom tooling components and die inserts are used to bend, punch or drill the part. This results in reduced tooling costs which can make short run more cost-efficient for many projects, especially those requiring fast turnaround.

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