Evans Metals custom designs and fabricates a wide range of parts for manufacturers. From small intricate parts to thin strip materials ranging from 0.002" to 0.032" thick. Our expert engineers will help you optimize a variety of designs to ensure reduced costs and seemless manufacturing processes.

Evans Metals offers you precision metal stamping, from design and engineering to your final prototyping solution. We care pleased to manage individual short runs or high volume Wide variety of materials including beryllium copper, stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, copper alloys, and more precision metal stamping.

Prototypes (Stock or Custom)

Forming, plating and assembly

Photo etching and secondary fabrication

High-speed presses for high-volume stamping

Onsite plating & heat treating

In-house tape-and-reel capabilities

Short-run to high-volume production

Materials: stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper and alloys

Evans Metals is the Midwest's leading custom stamping expert. We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to produce precision-engineered metal stampings.

Areas of precision metal stamping expertise include photo etching, blanking, secondary forming, and progressive die tooling.

EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets
Battery Tabs/Tags/Contacts
Custom Grounding Springs
Electrical Contacts
Spring Clips
Circuit Board Stiffeners
Metal Components
Metal Gaskets
Precision Metal Parts
Spring Gaskets

Call to discuss our full custom design and production services to meet all your production needs today.


For companies focused on using stainless steel, Evans Metal high-precision plasma cutting is available in a variety of thickness on material grades of A304, 308 and 316, with the high quality cutting allowing clients to directly weld parts without any clean up.

In addition, Evans Metal to cut cast iron and titanium parts.

* For part marking, Evans Metal provides and additional value added time savings by applying marks and layout marks.

In addition to high-precision plasma cutting technology employed by the firm, Evans Metal is a leading AISC Certified Fabricator who fabricates a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial stairways, handrails, ladders, and landing areas, well experienced basic grating stairs to sophisticated monumental stairways, stringers, ornaments, parts and other forms of custom metal fabrication.