Evans Metal is a custom fabricator who has a developed a reputation for concentrated project management, reliability and impeccable quality in metal fabrication of all kinds.

We can offer you design assistance on your metal fabricating needs. We can work with you on special projects or prototypes that cannot always be handled under normal production methods used by less experienced firms.

Our vast capability allows us to fabricate a wide rangle of metal materials for mechanical or architectural purposes, including: Stairs, Railings, Landings, Gates, Doors, Frames, Headers, Piping, as well as a wide range of complimentary manufacturing and product finishing and shipping services. Our facility is equipped for cutting, bending, welding, threading, beveling, grooving metal materials, all of which facilitates the production of our fabricating work.

Interested in exploring the possibilites? Begin your inquiries and orders with prelimnary drawings with specifications noting: Pipe Size, Material(s), Types of Fittings, and Parts.

Our shop can fabricate and assemble everything from custom frames, to hand-rails, or even bicycle-racks and other types of projects. We offer bending, welding and polishing services to complete your finished project. Inquiries and orders should preferably include drawings with full specifications.

Our fabrication department is focused on providing our customers with a source for specialty parts. An in-house engineer will work with you to develop drawings of your ideas or needs.

For the fabrication of steel parts, Evans Metal offers high quality of laser cutting and significant savings roughly at the price of plasma cut parts from mild steel grades such as A1020, A36, A588 and more.

For part marking, Evans Metal provides and additional value added time savings by applying marks and layout marks.

Evans Metal is a leading AISC Certified Fabricator who fabricates a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial stairways, handrails, ladders, and landing areas, well experienced basic grating stairs to sophisticated monumental stairways, stringers, ornaments, parts and other forms of custom metal fabrication.