Founded in 1945, Evans Metal has recently added a large scale, high-precision plasma cutting machine engineered for cutting a variety of metal materials up to 6” thick in quantities up to 1 million pounds a year!

Our high-precision plasma cutting capability is focused on rapid processing of cutting plates, channels, angles and tube materials for clients, who immediately benefit from significant reduction in the costs of shipping parts needed in client supply chains.

Clients appreciate the high quality of resulting cut edges all grades of armor plate, as well as cast iron, titanium, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, with even more impressive results specific to aluminum and stainless-steel parts.

In addition, high-precision plasma cutting provides a number of value added features and benefits for clients, which includes coping round pipe up to 6” diameter.

In the realm of part-making and custom fabrication, Evans Metal high-precision plasma cutting delivers a quality of cut to the degree of Kerf of about 1 degree, coupled with little dross from the cutting process.  Evans metal can not only cut quality parts, but can also cut channels and make holes with almost a 90-degree edges, with the option of adding layout assembly marks.

For companies that weld aluminum, Evans Metal reduces production time with high-precision plasma cutting that supports the direct weld of parts with no clean up on all aluminum grades.

For the fabrication of steel parts, Evans Metal offers high quality of laser cutting and significant savings roughly at the price of plasma cut parts from mild steel grades such as A1020, A36, A588 and more.

* For companies that build or repair trucks or truck bodies, trailers, back hoes, bulldozers, heavy equipment, Evans Metal is a preferred supplier of armor and ballistic steel plate cut to exacting specifications in material grades that includes AR500, MIL-A 46100 and MIL-A 12560.

For companies focused on using stainless steel, Evans Metal high-precision plasma cutting is available in a variety of thickness on material grades of A304, 308 and 316, with the high quality cutting allowing clients to directly weld parts without any clean up.

In addition, Evans Metal to cut cast iron and titanium parts.

* For part marking, Evans Metal provides and additional value added time savings by applying marks and layout marks.

In addition to high-precision plasma cutting technology employed by the firm, Evans Metal is a leading AISC Certified Fabricator who fabricates a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial stairways, handrails, ladders, and landing areas, well experienced basic grating stairs to sophisticated monumental stairways, stringers, ornaments, parts and other forms of custom metal fabrication.

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