Welcome! Let this page be your source of information to help you succeed in the workplace or at home. Several pages are offered below and on each page you will find both simple and more complex aids to help you both learn and grow.

You are expected to increase your knowledge each year. That is part of our AISC Quality Standard. "Shop and Office Personnel will receive 18 hours of training each year." This training could be given at a trade show. Or it might be safety training. You could read a book, like some that I will recommend. Or you can watch the videos I will be posting.

When you click on a topic, you will be taken to another page that contains the information. If you are an Evans Metal Employee, you are asked to turn in a record of that you did. AISC expects not only the training be given, but also some record and even a log of what has been done. That's why the small cards are important.