Evans Metal Products has established itself as the Midwest's leader in fabricated metal products serving the Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, Furniture, Mass Transit, Medical and RV Industries, as well as a host of other industries. Proprietary products include custom staircases, industrial ladders and landing areas, as well as a wide range of products for regional industrial and customers.


Over the years, we have refined its design and engineering methodologies, with a focus on reducing costs to our valued customers, while maximizing the benefits of every product we design, engineer, fabricate, manufacture and deliver.  Many of our operations are now computerized, offering greater accuracy and faster turn-around time, as well as significant cost savings for our customers.

Evans Metal Products always provides our customers with quality products and service at the most affordable prices possible.


Evans Metal Products specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, using modern CNC equipment for laser cutting, plasma burning, punching, and forming. We serve customers in a wide variety of OEM industries, including medical, marine, agriculture, furniture, transportation, recreational vehicles, food service and the automotive aftermarket.

Our highly experienced staff fabricates a host of sheet and plate metal types that includes, but is not limited to, steel, stainless steel, galvanized, and galvanized steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. Using meticulously maintained press, bend, and punch machinery and advanced laser-aided cutting devices, Evans Metals consistently produces, cost-effective, high-quality parts for any project.

Range of Services

Custom Fabrication
Laser Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Orbital Welding
Turret Machining
Design Assistance
Threading & Beveling
Product Manufacturing
CAD/CAM Design Services
Product Testing to 900 lbs P.S.I. and more.

Custom Orders

We love to do custom orders. It's as simple as you and your design team telling us what you want and our experienced metal workers will help fulfill your order. From truck parts to metal art pieces, QC Metal Fab is always ready for custom work - to fit your needs!

Specifications & Tolerances

All of our machines are tuned, adjusted, and inspected to make sure they meet your exacting specifications, regardless of the end product. We take pride in the precise nature of our machines' tolerances and would be pleased to meet with you and tour our facility.

Because of the flexibility of our machinery, we can produce your order to meet your manufacturing schedule and budget at no added premium to you.


Once we have completed necessary design and engineering and have started production or manufacturing process, we are ready to ship your components to you or your downstream customers.  No shipment is too small or too large, we work with you to arrange shipment of all your product orders according to your needs.