1. Please review this page EMP FAB PROCEDURES – for it contains many procedure we use at EMP to perform our work.
  2. Material a) Receiving, b) Training
  3. Edges  a) Sawing, b) Flame or Plasma Cut, c) Sheared
  4. Open Holes a)
  5. Marking a)
  6. Dimensions a) Layout and Layout Tools
  7. Fitting and Detail Attachment a)
  8. Bolting
    1. Bolt a) Identification, b) Washers, c) Tightening d) Surfaces
    2. Skidmore – Pre-Verification Testing
    3. Pre-Tension Log
    4. Torque is not Tension
    5. Making of bolts
    6. Snug Tight Habits
    7. Over Sized holes
    8. Document for Testing non DTI bolts
    9. DTI Nut Side Testing
    10. DTI Head Side Testing
    11. Snug Tight Snug Tight Habits
  9. Welding Go to EMP Training page on welding
    1. Welders Habits
  10. Finishes and Grinding a)
  11. QC – Inspection – See our Welding Page
  12. Tolerances a) Camber b) Sweep c) Calculate, d) Length (for holes see bolting) e) straightness
  13. Repairs a) Holes, b) Edges, c) Surface Defects, d) Weld Repair, e) Straightening
  14. Calibration – FIRST view our CALIBRATION Proceedures.
    • Rulers
    • Welding Gauges
    • Framing Squares
  15. Cleaning and Painting
  16. Loading